MBBS/ BDS College in Maharashtra Leverages CampusMedicine By Harjeet Kakkar

Jan 12, 2023 | Campus Management Solutions

MBBS/ BDS Medical College is a renowned college known for its excellent faculty and extensive hands-on experience. As such a big institution, the college was facing various challenges in terms of managing admission processes, fee submission, recording attendance, hostel facilities, and other activities that are very crucial for a medical college. Manual processes were not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. To that end, the college administration was determined to find new perspectives and better solutions to old challenges.

Making technology a part of a transformative goal

Research and consideration led the college to select a comprehensive campus management solution with various modules suited to their specific needs. The solutions helped the college in numerous ways.

Admission process

Campus management’s admission module helped streamline the admission registration and enrollment process for students. Through its online platform, students could fill out and submit application forms, and the college was able to manage the admission processes effectively.

Attendance records

A real-time attendance module assisted the college in tracking and monitoring students’ attendance. In addition to marking attendance electronically, it generated reports and alerts for absenteeism. The software also allowed teachers to record attendance subject- and department-wise using their mobile phones and laptops.

Classroom management

From managing class schedules to taking care of the course materials, from keeping track of homework and assignments to sharing lecture details, the classroom management module catered to the needs of the institution keeping education on priority.

Examination module

The examination process is one of the painstaking tasks for medical institutes. Manual processes can often result in imprecise data. Nevertheless, the campus management solutions made things super easy. From setting up examination calendars to managing notifications, the software took care of it all in one place. It also linked exam details to grade reports and allowed students to take online exams.


As part of the college’s canteen management, solutions were leveraged to keep track of food & beverage sales and management of the canteen operations. Students could place orders online and the canteen staff could manage orders and inventory more easily.


Campus management solutions managed and maintained hostel admissions and occupancy records for the college. By using it, students were able to apply for hostel accommodation, and the college was able to manage the allocation of rooms more efficiently.

Fee process

To streamline the fee collection process, the college used the fees module. Besides providing students with a safe and convenient way to pay fees, it also facilitated the college’s management of fee collection.

Overall, the implementation of the campus management solution greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of various campus activities at the MBBS/ BDS Medical College. It allowed the college to save time and resources and provided a seamless experience for students, faculty, and staff.