Furniture for Today’s Classrooms

Dec 19, 2022 | Source Partner

The way education is imparted these days is way too contrasting to what it was years ago.
Today’s classrooms have evolved to meet the new standards of education and technological
ameliorations, especially after COVID. Educational institutions are also doing their best in
upgrading their pedagogy and modules to match the demands of learners. They are investing in
the best of technology including devices like laptops, tablets, and projectors. However, they fail
to take care of one of the most important elements, which is providing students with specialized
classroom furniture. While all other learning environment aspects are evolving, school furniture
is still from the old days.

School furniture like chairs, desks, teacher’s tables, bookcases, etc. play a very important part
and can create a positive impact on a child’s learning journey. If students spend their time in a
classroom with uneasy chairs and desks, they will lack the motivation and excitement to learn.
Not only will this affect their education but will also harm their health. If low-quality or
imperfectly designed furniture is used, it can cause back and neck pain among students.
It is therefore imperative that school furniture, and especially classroom furniture should be
adaptive to children’s needs and educators’ teaching methodologies.

At SOURCE Partner, we combine our 19 + years of industry expertise in school furniture and
education-centered thinking to create durable, multi-utility, safe, and exceptional quality school
furniture for today’s education campuses. We are one of the most preferred and trusted names
in school furniture offering superior and versatile furniture, and prompt delivery to any part of the
country within a week.

Our furniture adheres to international safety standards, and resonates with modern-day
students who are progressive, energetic, technology-savvy, and want to learn their way.
SOURCE Partner’s designers create furniture that inspires young minds to be creative and
confident enough to share their ideas. Our best-in-class classroom furniture includes tables,
chairs, chairs and table sets, storage, lockers, cabinets, bookcases, carpets, wall décor, and
much more; all of these are procured internationally from trusted vendors across 57 countries,
considering design specifications, ergonomics and other vital criteria.